Wednesday 6 February 2013

Never a Dull Moment Movie Review

Never a Dull Moment is a 1968 film from Walt Disney Productions. It stars Dick Van Dyke and Edward G. Robinson and was directed by Jerry Paris. The script by AJ Carothers was based on a novel by John Godey.

It was re-released to theaters in April 1977 along with the animated featurette The Three Caballeros.

Second-rate actor Jack Albany (Dick Van Dyke) finds himself mistaken for fiendish killer Ace Williams and whisked off to master gangster Leo Smooth's (Edward G. Robinson) fortified mansion. He is forced to continue with the charade what with all the rough-looking hoods around, even when he finds he is to play a deadly role in the theft of the Van Gogh masterpiece "Field of Sunflowers". But at least there is lovely art teacher Sally (Dorothy Provine) who could become an ally — if she ever believes his story.

Further complications ensue when the real Ace Williams (Jack Elam) shows up, making it even more difficult for Albany to keep up his false identity. Eventually, Albany outwits the gangsters and foils the robbery.