Wednesday 9 July 2014

All about "Never a Dull Moment"

You probably have heard this phrase a lot of time: Never a Dull Moment. So what is this phrase all about? In which field it is used? Know all about this phrase in this short article.

Meaning of this phrase: Never a dull moment means: It simply means [it's] always exciting around here. For example- Whenever I visit Joe, he has lots of plans to have fun: parties and theaters to attend, restaurants to try, scenic places to see. So I have never a dull moment with him.

As a music album: Never a Dull Moment is a music album of 1972 by rock musician Rod Stewart. It was UK’s #1 album at that time and reached number two on the US Album chart in 1972.

As films: Two films have been released till now with the name “Never a Dull Moment” one was released in 1950 and another in 1968.

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